UUCP Events

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The following are typical UUCP Events. Not all of these events may occur every year. Most are social activities, but also function as an important source of income that helps to support our congregation. Please check our Calendar to confirm dates.


  • Service Auction – This annual fundraiser has played an integral part in the community spirit, social life and fiscal health of UUCP since its inception. It’s also a festive event that is fun to attend. Members, friends, local merchants and restaurants donate the “services” – food, wine, dinners, baskets, crafts, art, skills, etc., that are listed in a catalog. Events that you bid on offer easy social connections with members and friends all year long. And the proceeds from the event represents a healthy portion of our operating budget.


  • Annual Meeting – In June, the end of our church year, UUCP holds an Annual Meeting. Elections are held to fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees and the Committee on Ministry. We approve a budget for the coming year and conduct other business that may be required for the successful operation of the congregation.


  • General Assembly –  Join thousands of other Unitarian Universalists as we gather to hear terrific speakers, attend dynamic, entertaining programs and informative workshops, and network with other congregation leaders, share best practices, and learn from one another. Return to your congregation reinvigorated and inspired to put your values to work. For more information see UUA General Assembly


(Left) Janet O’Neil (Center) Judy Bellini (Right) Paula Schiller