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UUCP Website Pictures - 06Rev. Paul Dodenhoff was raised in an evangelical Christian family, but became interested in other religious paths early in his teens. His own journey led him to study and work within a wide variety of religious and spiritual traditions. While his personal practice is Shin Buddhism, he makes his spiritual home in Unitarian Universalism. He received his B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Religion from Drew University, where he also pursued a Masters program in American Religious History specializing in the study of New Religious Movements in America.  A graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, New York City, Paul is especially interested in exploring the intersection of interspirituality, social justice, and social media.   To contact Rev. Dodenhoff, email him at minister@uucpalisades.org. See our minister’s blog at https://uucpalisades.org/category/blog/