Racial & Social Justice Team

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The UUCP Racial and Social Justice Team grew out of the UUCP participation in the UUA Antiracist Multicultural Congregations Pilot Project of the 1990s. The Team, under the umbrella of the Side With Love campaign is dedicated to encouraging and supporting congregational activities which include anti-racism and anti-oppression work, social service work, and the work of celebrating diversity in spirituality, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. The Team also initiates, organizes and implements projects and programs in these areas and seek liaisons and common ground with other groups and organizations in the community.

What We Have Done

The Congregation has an active and continuing history of participation in social justice activities such as –

  • Peace and anti-war demonstrations;
  • Demonstrations on civil rights and anti-racism issues;
  • Study circles on anti-racism and LGBTQ rights;
  • Support in feeding and clothing the homeless;
  • Volunteer assistance to the local victims of storm “Sandy”
  • Numerous congregational Services and presentations on anti-racism, women’s rights, African-American history, LGBTQ issues, and celebrations of culture and holidays in Buddhist, Muslim, as well as Christian and Jewish traditions and of non-European and European national cultures.

Sponsorship and organizing the community annual UUCP JaZZEvent  for the purpose of “Bringing people together” during the period from 2000 to 2009.

The individual contributions and services of many members such as supporting immigrants in detention, food kitchen volunteer work, tutoring English as a second language.

Congregational representation on the Bergen County Martin Luther King Monument Committee and the Juneteenth Celebration Committee and activity with UU FaithAction NJ in support of Economic Justice issues, LGBTQ equality, Gun Violence Prevention and researching legislative activity toward ending the New Jim Crow & Mass Incarceration.

For more information on meetings and activities, contact: Liandra Pires, Chair, Racial and Social Justice Team