Tell NJ Legislators to Fund Both NJ Transit and the Clean Energy Fund

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As the legislature considers appropriations for the budget proposed by Governor Murphy, commitment to Environmental Justice requires:

  • Sustainable funding for NJ Transit — Low and middle-income New Jerseyans need reliable, efficient transportation for work and shopping. NJ Transit has been neglected for decades. Its management has had to raid their capital budget in an attempt to pay for operating expenses. Many potential riders are forced to drive instead because service is unreliable. We need to step up and provide a sustainable source of funding so that NJ can provide good transportation services to all of its residents.
  • No more raids on the Clean Energy Fund — The Clean Energy Fund must be used to support the transition to clean energy, not as a rainy day fund for NJ Transit or any programs other than its intended purpose.

Last Monday the Assembly Budget Committee met with representatives of both NJ Department of Transportation and and NJ Transit to hash out their budgets. They need to hear from constituents to decide how to allocate funding.

Join environmental advocates across the state who are calling and writing their legislators! Let our legislators know that Environmental Justice demands strong investments in climate action and green jobs.

Write Your Legislators

Call Your Legislators

Thank you,

Peggy Middaugh and Ray Nichols

Environmental Justice Task Force Co-Chairs

Charles Loflin,

Acting Executive Director, Unitarian Universalist FaithAction NJ