Justice for Black Farmers Act

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And we want you to provide your messages with personal witness/stories for our meetings in late April and early May with staffers. Follow the buttons in this pageto help.

We’ve agreed to focus on addressing persistent racial and economic disparities, as part of Environmental Justice.

  • Our topic is Climate-Friendly Agriculture because it’s intersectional and, historically, the agricultural sector has been rife with interlocking class and racial injustices. Small and family farmers, and BIPOC farmers, have been systematically disenfranchised in favor of large and corporate farmers.
  • Sustainable, ecologically friendly farming practices are needed as part of our climate change solution strategies. And we need to develop strategies that help us grapple with climate change throughout our economy. We can’t afford to overlook farming if we are serious about hitting every angle where climate change solutions can be leveraged.
  • America loves its farmers, and their special interests have more room for bi-partisan support than many policy areas.

Support Climate Friendly Agriculture

We are urging Senators to support legislation that would make progress on both climate change and social ills, such as the Justice for Black Farmers Act and the Climate Stewardship Act

Massive consolidation and mechanization in the agricultural sector have led to problems that include soil loss, water and air pollution, loss of biodiversity and economic distress among many farm owners and farm workers. No group has suffered more than Black farmers, who have faced the additional burden of systemic racism.