You’re Invited

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You Are Cordially Invited

I want to explicitly invite you to an upcoming event via Zoom with President Rev. Susan Fredrick-Gray, UUA

Thursday, February 2

8:00 PM


Rev. Frederick-Gray has selected the start of the 118th Session of Congress, to join us for a reflection and then questions and answers focused on federal matters. This event has been something long desired by friends of UUSJ like you, so it would be lovely to have your attendance and that of your friends and family. We’d like a big audience for her.

Michael, please, join us for this fundraiser event, and spread the word about the opportunity. Your purchase of a $25 ticket will help unlock funds available to UUSJ (see below), and anyone in need may request a free ticket.

As a valued friend, you may recall that UUSJ has wanted to hear directly from the UUA President specifically on federal matters, in a serious and thoughtful way, for a long time.  That moment has finally come. If the Speaker fight displayed anything, it underscored this session of Congress merits some reflection in preparation.

Let us gather together in curiosity and joy to hear President Susan Frederick-Gray’s thoughts and reflections and hear her answer to our questions. Let us leave with a renewed understanding of how important our engagement is on federal matters, as we UUs make ready for the 118th Congress.

Michael, it is my sincere hope that you will celebrate this thought-provoking occasion with us.

In community and fellowship,

Pablo DeJesus

Executive Director, UUSJ