“Yes, Inequality Is Reversible”

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As we move forward, our expenses will rise. We celebrate that Rachel Bennett Steury, our administrative wizard, has returned to support UUJEC with technical know-how and a can-do spirit. We are regularly up to two webinars a month and will present 3 programs (1 on demand, and 2 during scheduled workshop sessions) and an Action of Immediate Witness* (The COVID-19 Pandemic: Justice. Healing. Courage., which includes support for the PRO Act) for General Assembly. Our annual meeting follows on July 10th, again online.

We are exploring how to resume face-to-face advocacy conferences. “Community” is in our name and getting together builds camaraderie, creativity, and commitment to realize our mission of economic equity and now, environmental justice for all challenged human communities and endangered species. Given climate change and an outpouring of demand for social equity, there is an opening for the systemic change we seek. We must act now, with somewhat more progressive politicians in high places, to change the rules.

Is Inequality in America Irreversible?We recommend reading and underlining our UU author/activist Chuck Collins’ primer, Is Inequality in America Irreversible? Chuck emphasizes that financial gains in productivity should reward the workers who make it possible, whose income and benefits have not markedly increased since 1980. Instead, it is stockholders and corporate CEOs who benefit, especially the top 0.1% billionaires, whose wealth and political power has accrued at phenomenal rates.

Chuck’s answer is “Yes, inequality is reversible,” but we, the people, must make it happen. We add to that that climate change and the crisis in healthcare inequity are also reversible. For your financial contribution, we will send you a copy of Chuck’s book. Also, we created a page of actions that Unitarian Universalists (and others) can take to contribute our skills, time, and compassion plus gatherings to build community through our upcoming events. You can find that page here.

To make a contribution, please go to: https://uujec.org/membership

Thank you for all you do to support economic justice