We Honor Mothers and Caretakers Every Day of the Year

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We recognize these women and their families and communities, and grieve those who have been disappeared in the borderlands as a result of the deadly U.S. policy of prevention through deterrence.

The 2020 report from Pima County, AZ Office of the Medical Examiner revealed that the total number of deceased migrants found in the borderlands last year was the highest since 2010, and second highest since 2000. At least 18 of the remains found in 2020 were identified as female. Since 2000, Pima County has identified over 3,200 individuals who have died in Arizona while trying to migrate, many of them mothers, sisters and daughters. Countless others have been disappeared in the borderlands and never found. Thousands of families and communities have been torn apart with each disappearance and death. (Source: Pima County County Office of the Medical Examiner, Annual Report 2020, pages 20-21, 30-39)

No More Deaths continues to respond to this humanitarian crisis by leaving food and water on migrant trails, operating a humanitarian aid camp in the remote desert, responding to calls for help from people lost in the desert, providing legal support for people detained by ICE, and assisting recently deported people in northern Mexico. We continue to call for the abolition of ICE and for real immigration reform.

In solidarity and deep gratitude,

The No More Deaths/ No Más Muertes community