UUCP Members Support Buffer Zone at Womens Health Clinics

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IN SUPPORT OF ABORTION RIGHTS in Englewood on Tuesday, March 18——

Members of the UUCP Spiritual Centering group decided to forgo our meeting to discuss Social Action and instead attend an Englewood City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 18 which was considering and adopted a resolution creating an 8 foot buffer zone at the Metropolitan Medical Associates Clinic in Englewood which offers a full range of reproductive and health care services to women.

The resolution was critical due to increased harassment–both physical and verbal— of people seeking to enter the facility. Videos of those entering are posted on YouTube–which, was pointed out, is contrary to HIPPA laws.

The discussion and reactions were lively —-there were anti-abortion placards and pro choice “yellow escort vested” volunteers, community members and NJ-NOW members who had “called” for support from local groups.

The resolution will provide for a buffer zone at all entrances and provides penalties for violators.  The Englewood police department has been called to assist on several occasions.

Those of us attending felt part of a group making an important statement and were gratified by our decision to participate.

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