Urgent Action Needed to Help Afghan Refugees

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The rapid collapse of the Afghan security forces and government is tragic proof that twenty years of endless war was never going to build a lasting peace. And the situation on the ground reflects this reality.

Prior to the U.S. withdrawal, Afghanistan had the second-highest number of people facing emergency food insecurity, and 50% of the population faced humanitarian need. Since May, nearly 250,000 people (80% of which are women and children) have been forced from their homes. With only 2% of the population vaccinated, the Delta variant is likely to exacerbate an already tragic situation.

The United States had previously pledged to help evacuate over 80,000 Afghan civilians who risk retribution from the Taliban because of their past work with the United States or international organizations.

But, that’s woefully insufficient: more than 300,000 Afghan civilians have been affiliated with the U.S. military mission during the two-decade-long occupation — and every one of them deserves our support and help now.

We’re seeing encouraging signs that President Biden is willing to act: authorizing millions of dollars to support resettlement, ramping up efforts to process visa applications, and securing flights out of Kabul. But we need him to go even further, and take an immediate, all-hands-on-deck approach to addressing the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. That’s where you come in.

Sign the petition and call on President Biden to provide humanitarian aid and ensure safe, accessible refuge for any Afghan who needs it.

Since our founding, Win Without War has supported bringing troops home from our endless wars and prioritizing people-powered solutions to create safety and dignity around the world. As anti-war activists, we recognize that ending endless war goes beyond troop deployments and withdrawals.

We owe far more to the Afghan people than simply no longer using their country as a battlefield. That’s why we believe President Biden must do everything in his power to help evacuate and accept every Afghan seeking refuge that we can — and we hope you’ll join us in our call.

Thank you for working for peace,

Stephen and the Win Without War team


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