UPLIFT: The Colors of Pride

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By engaging the faith community around these activities, we are acknowledging that many people hide behind their religious convictions as reasons for opposing the LGBTQ community and the legislation that would provide for their safety and support. Many of these same people of faith are silent when it comes supporting efforts for racial justice and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Colors of Pride is an opportunity for congregations to publicly support equality during Pride month and commemorate Juneteenth. Our goal is to create opportunities for allyship with the queer community, Black and Brown communities, and congregations by engaging at least 300 congregations nationwide to agree to participate in our pro-equality actions during Pride month.

There are Three Easy Ways to Participate

  1. Show A Pre-Recorded Message: Throughout Pride Month, during your weekly service or on your website and Facebook page, show a pre-recorded message from national religious leaders speaking about the importance of supporting Intersectional Equality by supporting the Equality Act. Each message is 6 minutes or less.
  1. Sign Up for Pride Week Actions: Sign up to participate in a variety of opportunities during our Pride Week (June 11-19) to educate your congregation on upcoming equality legislation from the Equality Act to the George Floyd Policing Act to our national Juneteenth Celebration!
  1. Access the Toolkit: Use The Colors of Pride Tool Kit assembled by national equality organizations to provide your congregation with the latest information on legislation and how to support the LGBTQ community this Pride Month and beyond! You may share information and resources on social media and local print media.

Will you partner with us in this “pride outside of the box” celebration?

We know that Pride is a busy time for many congregation. All the information you need to participate in The Colors of Pride can be found in the Action Toolkit. You are free to participate in as many actions as time permits.

If you have any questions about involving your Welcoming Congregation in The Colors of Pride celebration and actions, please email lgbtq@uua.org.

Thank You …and HAPPY PRIDE!

Rev. Michael J. Crumpler (He/Him/His)

LGBTQ and Multicultural Programs Director, Ministries and Faith Development