The New Normal: Coping, Healing and Moving Forward

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Murray Grove ‘s annual Women’s Retreat will be offered November 5-6, 2021 – virtual, for all our safety — Friday evening and Saturday.

Leader: Rev. Craig Hirshberg

“Most people are swimming in anxiety right now. Yes, it’s the pandemic and it’s school returning and storms approaching (or already here), work expectations shifting again and it’s grief and winter fast approaching and…When we are able to articulate our anxiety, face it and seek tools to deal with it, the anxiety drum can beat a little quieter.”

Rev. Robin Tanner

The Women’s Retreat is always a time for women to share their stories, gain resources and grow in strength. This year this is especially true as we are all coping with the continued pandemic. The retreat is designed to help us manage our lives in the midst of this marathon, acknowledge both the pain and the gifts, develop strong coping skills and explore ways to move forward in hope and joy.

Rev. Craig Hirshberg brings her usual pastoral presence and leadership skills and also her experience with the Unitarian Universalist Trauma Response Ministry. The programming is designed to engage with the impact of important issues of our time and to build skills to cope with stress and anxiety. Also at the heart of this retreat will be social times, fun times and chances to relax, rest and renew.

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In preparation for the retreat, or for your own nourishment, we recommend these helpful materials about self-care and self-compassion.

The planning team looks forward to meeting and getting to know you well.


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