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The Action Center is a place to join in national and local action to take on these battles. Right now, bills that could expand voting rights, create a pathway to citizenship, address homelessness and poverty, and transform how we confront the climate crisis hang in the balance because our representatives have chosen profit over people, and the oppression of many over liberation for all. Together we have opportunities to tip the scales towards justice.

We know that systems of oppression overlap and intersect, and the web of injustice they create can feel impossible to untangle. But we also know that when we weave our love together through collective action, the fabric of beloved community is the most powerful, connective, transformative force in the world. We must — we WILL — meet the challenges of this moment by showing up together. Join us for the launch of the Side With Love Action Center to find out how you can join in mobilizing UU across the country to show up for these impending battles and build beloved communities for the long haul.

What can you do now?

Before joining us for the Action Center launch, we invite you to take action to support communities that have been impacted by these issues.

Give to support communities impacted by Hurricane Ida (resource from Black Live of Unitarian Universalism)

Sign on to the Red, Black, and Green New Deal Climate Pledge with the Movement for Black Lives

Donate to Texas Abortion Funds

Organize to tell the Senate to Finish the Job and pass the For the People Act

See you at the launch!

In faith and solidarity,

Nicole Pressley

Field and Programs Director, Unitarian Universalist Association