Tell Your Senators Recess Can Wait: Pass S.1

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Today Wednesday, July 28, we ask you to be loud and clear that passing S.1 is necessary and is the right thing to do to safeguard our democracy for future generations. Join UUSJ and other Faithful Democracy partners to deliver this message.

Call the Senate Now – +1 (888) 885-1748. When you call, be sure to introduce yourself and say something like:

“I am deeply concerned about the state laws that are passing around the nation to restrict citizens’ voting rights. As a person of faith, a Unitarian Universalist, this is a moral issue that is foundational to the health of our democracy: the vote represents the dignity of each person. When we infringe upon the voting right of one individual, we threaten our democracy, we compromise the promise.

The only way these state laws can be overcome is by passing the For the People Act (S.1) which would establish federal rules to protect the sacred right to vote and supersede those anti-voter laws. Passing the For the People Act needs to be a top priority for Congress.

Will Senator __ do whatever it takes—including delay recess and confront the filibuster rule head-on—to pass the For the People Act?”

Thank you,

Fred Van Deusen

Democracy Action Team Convener