Tell Congress UUs Support JLVRAA

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The JLVRAA would restore and strengthen our freedom to vote by making sure that any changes to voting rules that could discriminate against voters based on our race or background are federally reviewed, so we all have an equal say in our future and our rights are protected.

The key here is to stay true to the best and brightest version of American values, to imagine clearly the high-level impact, stay focused on that, champion that, just as our AIW did.

To be frank, what advocates and activists are saying last night and early today is that the passage of JLVRAA is more important than we can easily imagine because for democracy to function properly, it needs to include all of us. That is something we have never achieved in the United States. In our AIW we spoke to this as being “a hope, a promise, an aspiration toward a body politic something like a Beloved Community.”

No matter our color, party, or zip code, we all want an equal say in the decisions that shape our future.

Michael, the human craving for liberty and freedom is not easily vanquished and is well expressed in voting. Those of us that side with love and a Beloved Community, backed by Beloved Country will not stand idly by as the forces of greed and exclusion strive to shred voting rights in our nation, so we must act in every way we can muster.

So get ready for the push. It starts now, join us now! Take the action and prepare for more to come.

Thank you,

Pablo DeJesús

Executive Director, Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice