Take One Minute to Support New Package of Gun Violence Prevention Laws

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A Project of the Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA)

New Jersey has some of the strongest gun safety laws in the nation, and therefore one of the lowest per capita rates of gun deaths. In Gov. Murphy’s first term, through CFPA’s Ceasefire NJ Project, we worked with him and state legislative leaders to pass 14 new gun safety laws!

But we must do more! Gov. Murphy has proposed a package of eight new gun safety laws to reduce gun violence in NJ. Among other things, these bold bills would bolster safe firearm storage laws, make critical reforms to our gun permitting system, promote microstamping technology, and help our state hold irresponsible gun industry members accountable.

If you are a NJ resident, click here to email your Members of the NJ Legislature urging them to co-sponsor and actively support this life-saving package! It only takes a minute.

The epidemic of gun violence has worsened dramatically since the start of the Pandemic. Last year, gun deaths reached 45,000, the highest ever. Multiple recent weekends have had up to a dozen mass shootings. In the US, gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children and teens!

We are again working closely with Governor Murphy and state legislative leaders to pass this new package NOW, before the expected surge of gun violence as the warmer weather arrives.

But the NRA is already mobilizing against these common-sense gun safety laws. We urgently need your help to overcome the NRA’s resistance by advocating for these bills.

I’m proud of the leadership CFPA and our Ceasefire NJ (CFNJ) Project have shown since 1993, when we played a key role in defeating the NRA’s effort to rescind New Jersey’s Assault Weapons Ban. The next year, the National Assault Weapons Ban passed, partly inspired by our breaking the NRA’s stranglehold.

I want you to know that CFNJ convened a Safe Storage of Guns Working Group with medical and legal experts that met over the past two years. That helped shape a bill that would prevent countless gun deaths from suicides and accidents. This could be a model for the whole country — if we can pass it.


The Rev. Robert Moore

Executive Director, Coalition for Peace Action