Stop our Pollution!

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Presenters: Members of the Climate Crisis Policy/Earth Bill Network (EBN) Faith Team Working Group:

  • Terence Ellen, Consulting Minister, UU Congregation in Cumberland, MD. On Board, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Board member; and Interfaith Moral Action on Climate, Steering Committee.
  • Lavona Grow, UU Congregation of Arlington, VA; EBN Faith Team Lead; UU’s for Social Justice; Interfaith Working Group on Ecology & Energy.
  • Leslie Pohl-Kosbau (not pictured), chairs the Community for Earth committee at the First Unitarian Church of Portland. First U is the key regional lead for a new interfaith advocacy group in collaboration with CCP/EBN members.

Learn about the growing national Earth Bill Network grassroots movement. First we’ll look at the current “state-of-play” in Congress; second learn about the “2021 Bill Package” and “The Earth Bill” — to address 80% of our pollution through a single bill by mandating 100% renewable electricity, electric vehicles and regenerative agriculture by 2030; and third, what you can do locally with allies through the Congressional “Adopt-A-District” campaign. Learn how it’s tied to UU’s Climate Justice Goals.

To sign up for the webinar and choose the actions you would be interested in working on, click here. If you only want to watch on Facebook, click here.

The Earth Bill Network Mission:

To forge unity among civil society and activists, and work together to pass national climate legislation