Spring 2023 Skill Up Series

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I came to activism late in life after retiring from a career in music and then technology. I didn’t know anything except that I wanted to do something to contribute to making the world more equitable for all. Armed only with my lofty goals, I reached out to folx in the UU community, a little intimidated but willing to learn. I was met with welcome, patience, humor, and support by some extraordinary folx that had been doing this work for years.

Now I coordinate Side With Love’s Skill Up Series, our monthly trainings on organizing skills to help you build stronger teams in your congregation and community. When I think about our Skill Ups, they mirror my experience: welcoming, fun, and educational offerings to help all of us get to a higher level in this work that we cherish of harnessing love’s power to stop oppression.

Will you join us this semester?

This Spring, our Skill Up Theme is “How to Talk About Hard Things.” You are heartily invited to attend these very informative and rich workshops that not only cover high-level concepts but also offer practical guidance and hands-on practice. Each topic will be delivered by experts and long-time organizers with special knowledge and experience presenting:

All Skill Ups run 90 minutes starting at 4:00 PM.

These topics cover some of the most daunting challenges that we face going out in the world to do this work. How can I design and hold really fun and impactful meetings – even when the subject matter is hard? How do I give my colleagues feedback in a way that is loving and builds us up? How in the world can I talk about climate change without sounding all doom and gloom? How can I know what impacted folx really need before even thinking about how to engage?

Our Unitarian Universalist faith calls us to be lifelong learners, and organizing traditions teach that we need to share what we know for our movements to grow. We begin each session with grounding from our Fun & Spiritual Nourishment Squad volunteers and then dive into the training content.

Our Skill Ups are our invitation into a regular practice of learning together. Join us for one or all of these wonderful workshops!

Will you join us at the first Skill Up this coming Sunday?

You can view and sign up for the events at SideWithLove.org/SkillUps. We post all our Skill Up recordings, slides and worksheets there too – so browse our Skill Up Library for more resources!

We look forward to seeing you as we come together to learn and be energized!

In faith, love & learning,

Cal Ball

Side with Love Squad Skill Ups Coordinator

Cal joined the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco in 2020 and since then, has worked as a squad volunteer with Side With Love supporting voting rights and voter mobilization initiatives through the UU the Vote campaign. In his career, Cal worked as a professional musician and producer. He was a staff songwriter for EMI Music Publishing and recorded albums for Atlantic, Universal Music Group, and Curb Records. Prior to his retirement, Cal also worked for a variety of technology companies in the California Bay Area.