Social Justice Award Nominee with UUSJ

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Liandra Pires:

We are excited about the nomination of you for a UUSJ social justice award this year. Congratulations! Please join us on Sunday, November 7, at 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM to learn if you are a winner!

Every two years UUSJ acknowledges Social Justice Stars and presents awards at a festive event — an awards ceremony. This is an “Oscar Style” virtual event that shows appreciation for those people or projects nominated and highlights the smaller set of winners that will be announced at the event. It is an opportunity to express joy in social justice work. In addition to these presentations, there will be music, the introduction of the new more national, more diverse UUSJ board, and a guest speaker.

We are especially proud of our guest keynote, Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, President and CEO of the UU Service Committee, who will address UUSJ! She is a powerful prophetic voice and her insights into UU justice-making through service and advocacy are highly anticipated in this exclusive address. Please join us and spread the word.

Liandra – your instructions for complimentary entry as a nominee:

  • You as the nominee or one person from your congregation’s project, as a ministry, will be our guest at the virtual event and fundraiser with a keynote.
  • Please email Paulette DeMers, Administrative Assistant, and let her know who should receive the complimentary ticket available to each nominee or ministry nominated.

We hope all your friends, fellow congregants, and family will be able to share in your recognition and hear Rev. Morn’s address. Ask them to register and purchase tickets. Proceeds support UUSJ’s work towards mission and creating an unrelenting UU voice in DC on federal matters.

We look forward to gathering together to learn more about the wonderful work of UUs and to share our joy in building a UU movement for federal advocacy.

It is our honor to recognize you and your work.


Dean Wanderer, Awards Chair, Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice