Refunding Communities: Our New Policing Report

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Dear New Jersey Institute for Social Justice friend,

It’s been almost a year and a half since George Floyd was brutally murdered by police.

The protests have subsided for now, but the desperate need for transforming policing has not.

While many cities and states have passed legislative reforms to hold police accountable to the community, New Jersey has not even passed foundational accountability legislation like banning chokeholds, eliminating qualified immunity and empowering civilian complaint review boards with subpoena powers. The time is long past due.

Take Action to Ban Chokeholds

Take Action for Empowered Civilian Complaint Review Boards (CCRBs)

But while holding police accountable is necessary for public safety, it is not enough. A successful public safety strategy also requires meaningful investments in community resources that keep people safe without law enforcement intervention.

Our new report, Refunding Communities: A Pathway Forward to Real Public Safety, lays out the case for key accountability legislation, as well as proposals for investments in community resources to keep people safe without law enforcement intervention. These proposals include strengthening community-based responses to crises and investment in educational resources, restorative justice programs and supportive housing.

The Institute is part of a New Jersey Communities for Accountable Policing (NJ-CAP) coalition working to transform public safety.

Thank you, as always, for standing with us.

Brooke Lewis

Associate Counsel, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice