Racism in Policing — an ACLU Guided Course

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In this four-email course, you’ll receive one lesson every week delivered to your inbox from us, Paige Fernandez and Carl Takei, your course guides and ACLU experts.

We’ll help you develop a deeper foundational knowledge of U.S. policing institutions, its inseparable ties to white supremacy and systemic racism, and the larger meaning behind police divestment as a solution for the safety of all communities.

By the end of our course, you’ll come away with historical context, learning resources, and the insight needed to take meaningful actions on this critical issue.

ACLU Supporter, we truly couldn’t think of a more significant topic to delve into and we’re looking forward to having you with us. So don’t wait – sign up and let’s get started.

Your course guides,

Paige Fernandez

Policing Policy Advisor, National Political Advocacy Department, ACLU

Carl Takei

Senior Staff Attorney, Trone Center for Justice and Equality, ACLU