Pass the For the People Act

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Our message stays the same for now — Tell your Senators Recess Can Wait till they Pass S.1:

  • Click and write your Senators — Action of Immediate Witness.
  • Call your Senators at +1 (888) 885-1748. Voice your support for S.1. Try till you get through or leave a message.
  • Support UUSJ with a gift (one-time)(recurring) because defending our democracy is ongoing work.

All of us at Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice

P.S. Negotiations are covering lots of topics, you can also support Immigrants and Climate Justice with two actions below.

Other Actions in Support of Beloved Country

In the Budget, we Must Include Pathways to Citizenship for essential Workers and their Famlies

UUSJ joins #WeAreHome, Faith in Action, and Side with Love to insist that Congress include pathways to citizenship for Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status holders, farmworkers, and all essential workers plus their family members who are not already US citizens or legal permanent residents.

We call on both the House and the Senate to consider using the reconciliation process to pass a budget that includes such pathways.

Budget Advocacy: Pathways for Essential Workers

In the Budget, Congress must Take Bold Action for Climate, Jobs and Justice

The urgency of the climate crisis has again been brought home by horrific record heat waves, historic drought, and early-season wildfires. While the need for action has never been clearer, there is only a narrow path for getting adequate legislation enacted that will provide a realistic chance of stabilizing global warming in time to avert catastrophic changes.

This is a critical time, and UUs need to urge their Representatives and Senators to stand up for real and just action on climate.

Budget Advocacy: For Climate, Jobs and Justice