Our Work in Northern Mexico

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Solidarity with those who are traveling starts well before people cross the U.S.-Mexico border. No More Deaths’ mission to end death and suffering in the borderlands includes supporting people and organizations that provide humanitarian aid to migrants on the Mexican side of the border.

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to thank you for your steadfast support this year. If you haven’t yet made a year-end gift, please consider doing so now here.

In Northern Mexico, No More Deaths has partnered with volunteer-based, community-centered local groups in support of their efforts to assist people who have been forced to leave their homes to escape financial instability, violence and global climate catastrophes. The following is a (non comprehensive) list of places and ways that No More Deaths provides material and economic support in Northern Mexico:

  • No More Deaths volunteers make monthly trips to CCAYMN (Centro Comunitario de Atención al Migrante y Necesitado: Community Center for Service to Migrants in Need) , a migrant shelter and resource center in Altar, Sonora. We also bring supplies for C-CAM (Centro Comunitario de Ayuda a Migrantes), a comedor/kitchen along the railroad tracks in Caborca, Sonora that provides daily meals for migrants riding the train (La Bestia) north. CCAMYN was established in 2001 by volunteers from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. C-CAM was started more recently by local volunteers connected to a church in Caborca;
  • Volunteers from People Helping People and No More Deaths make weekly trips to the border town of Sasabe, Sonora. Volunteers provide supplies and first aid to migrants there. There has been an influx of migrants in Sasabe due to the racist and unlawful Title 42, which went into effect during the pandemic and means that people can no longer apply for asylum and are “sent back” to Mexico. This policy has forced many to try to make the journey again. In May 2020, women leaders in the community organized Casa de Esperanza, a center where migrants can get a meal, shoes, clothes and first aid. NMD volunteers with first aid skills provide aid each week to both migrants and people in the Sasabe community;
  • No More Deaths and Samaritan volunteers, in partnership with Kino Border Initiative, provide a variety of services in Nogales, Sonora. These services include: “check-cashing” (assisting people who have been incarcerated to recover money from their commissary accounts after they are deported), first aid, and bus tickets (for migrants who are returning home and asylum seekers traveling to a different part of the border). They also help the Kino Border Initiative prepare daily meals. A volunteer also gathers and returns migrant belongings from Border Patrol possession;
  • No More Deaths partners with the Ajo Samaritans, who work directly with two shelters in Sonoyta, Sonora: San Pedro and Casa de Migrantes. Volunteers travel to Sonoyta several times a week to support these shelters with groceries, clothes, medical and other humanitarian aid. NMD contributes monthly to the Sonoyta shelters’ food budgets.

As you can see, our work is part of a larger coalition. We recognize the importance of working cooperatively with other humanitarian aid groups throughout the Arizona-Sonora border region. If you would like to donate to these efforts, please visit this link. Thank you for being with us in this work.

For information or to ask questions about making any type of gift, please email fundraising@nomoredeaths.org and we’ll get back to you promptly.

However you choose to support No More Deaths, we are so glad to have you here with us.

In solidarity and deep gratitude,

The No More Deaths/ No Más Muertes community