Our Longest Day Campaign

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Summer is well underway here in the desert and borderlands, which means higher temperatures with hotter and longer days. Last year, the summer of 2020, was the second longest and driest on record in southern Arizona. We have also experienced exceptional drought conditions for the past 20 years, and last year’s rainfall was the second-lowest on record. This trend looks to continue for the summer of 2021.

Extreme heat and drought has led to increasingly dangerous and deadly conditions for migrants who are crossing. The poster above, developed and distributed by Humane Borders, includes estimated walking times from various entry points, as well as the sites of migrant deaths and the location of water stations. Migrants are being forced into increasingly inhospitable conditions due to Prevention Through Deterrence which has been a long-standing policy of the Department of Homeland security that utilizes the desert climate as a weapon against migrants who are most vulnerable to the elements. The further a traveler has to go, the more likely they will encounter extreme temperatures and no viable water sources. Our desert aid volunteers will continue to leave food, water, socks and snacks on migrant trails despite the heat.

This year, we are hoping to raise $250,000 that will go to support our desert aid volunteer group, search & rescue, legal aid and northern Mexico work. We ask that you join our Longest Day Campaign, which will culminate on June 20th, the longest day of the year. Please show your support of our Longest Day Campaign by giving a gift online. We greatly appreciate your continued generosity and support. Whether that means a gift, reading this email or sharing it with a friend, we are so glad to have you here with us.

In solidarity and deep gratitude,

The No More Deaths/ No Más Muertes community