One More Title 42 Push

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Too many legislators are accepting anti-immigrant talking points and using the pandemic to codify Title 42.

Join Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice & others for one more advocacy push this Wednesday!

Solidarity During Vote-A-Rama

Michael, today Wednesday, August 3, and the remainder of this week, we ask you to lift your voice once again for our immigrant neighbors and their families using the links below.

Tell your Senators VOTE NO on any amendment to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 that would turn this moment of progress for many, into a toxic victory for immigrants.



Why now? The legislative process referred to as vote-a-rama is creating an urgent need.

  • The Senate is expected to start vote-a-rama on important climate and healthcare legislation, as part of reconciliation using the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (ECRA), likely starting Thursday, August 4th.
  • While the ECRA is a historic moment for health and tax policy, and climate advocates have some wins with warts, it has also become an opportunity for anti-immigrant amendments to descend like a biblical plague.
  • Our interfaith partners and impacted community folks see your advocacy intervention on the ECRA, during vote-a-rama as essential. This is shaping up to be a crisis inflection point with a deep risk of codification.
  • Sadly, the pandemic is still being used as justification for refusing, detaining, and deporting asylum-seekers at the US-Mexico border. Under the CDC’s Title 42 program, almost all asylum-seeking families and individuals are being denied entry. Many migrants have died from being denied access to asylum at the border, where ports of entry were closed more than two years ago
  • We ask you to help press the case just as we’ve done with 286 state, local and national organizations in such a request by letter.

Our portion of the work for immigration justice will continue:

  • Regardless of the outcome of this specific legislative exchange, we will carry forward to the next challenge
  • We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people and we know our freedom is bound up in the dignity of our immigrant neighbors

Write your Senators to demand real changes to immigration courts through the Rule of Law Act.

Tell Your Senators to Please Fix the Electoral Count Act Now