Meet New Jersey’s Newest Coalition for Accountable Policing

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It’s happening: the ACLU-NJ will join a new coalition of more than a dozen organizations from across the state to put power in the hands of New Jersey communities, not law enforcement. It’s called New Jersey Communities for Accountable Policing (NJ-CAP).

NJ-CAP is a diverse coalition of grassroots activists, racial and social justice advocates, people harmed by law enforcement, faith leaders, and legal experts. We’re united to bring racist and violent policing to an end, to empower communities of color to heal, to repair the harms caused by policing, and to build safe and thriving communities.

Our first step as a coalition is to pass legislation that brings real transparency and accountability in policing, including:

  • A5301/S2656: Making police disciplinary records public
  • A4656/S2963: Protecting essential Civilian Complaint Review Board powers
  • A4578/S3730: Ending qualified immunity
  • A4284/S2617: Criminalizing chokeholds
  • A4526/S3825: Limiting the use of deadly force

New Jersey communities – particularly Black and brown communities – have been calling for change in law enforcement policy and practice for decades, and we have a responsibility as a state to meet that call.

In solidarity,

ACLU of New Jersey