Learn About Our BIPOC Volunteer Group

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No More Deaths stands in solidarity with marginalized people, including those within this organization. One way that we offer support is through our BIPOC working group. This group offers resources and support for NMD staff and volunteers who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). Making space for BIPOC at our humanitarian aid camp works to reclaim stolen land and legitimizes their presence on these lands, while showing our solidarity with these marginalized groups.

The wealth inequality gap is very real and creates obstacles for BIPOC who wish to volunteer with our organization. To help mitigate these financial barriers, No More Deaths offers targeted stipends to help offset inaccessibility to these marginalized groups. The stipends serve as a singular step within the longer term project of transforming culture within No More Deaths. We also hope that this will help us move towards systemic equality.

In addition to the targeted stipends, NMD hosts a month-long BIPOC volunteer program. No More Deaths is a historically white organization, and is committed to addressing this issue within our work. The goal of this program is to intentionally create a non-white No More Deaths space at our remote humanitarian aid camp. This is a first step in a larger organizational shift toward centering, supporting, and uplifting the voices of people of color interested in this work. Additional financial burdens can arise from participation, which is why we also offer a $200 travel stipend to each accepted participant to help cover the cost of traveling to Tucson for the program. Lastly, all BIPOC month-long volunteers can access the No More Deaths Gila Gear Lending Library free of cost. Proper gear such as hiking boots, poles and adequate clothing are essential to volunteering in the desert.

If you would like to learn more about this program or to enroll yourself, please email volunteer@nomoredeaths.org. If you have the means to provide monetary support, please follow this link and choose “BIPOC Volunteer Group” as the designation under the dropdown menu. This will let us know to restrict funds directly for the BIPOC working group. Thank you for your support and for being in this work with us.

In solidarity,

The No More Deaths / No Más Muertes community