Keep the Promise

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This Veterans Day, We Honor Veterans And The Thousands of Afghans Who Risked Their Lives

Take Action: Afghan Adjustment Act

SB 4787 and HB 6585 is bipartisan legislation that ensures Afghans brought to safety by the U.S. military may apply for lasting protection to stay in the U.S. long-term. Introduced in August, the measure was expected to gain support for the September Continuing Resolution (CR). It has robust support among interfaith groups, refugee and asylum service providers, and U.S. Veterans, particularly those who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Nevertheless, the proposal met surprising opposition among some staff – primarily in Republican offices. We need to remind Senators of the importance of the U.S. keeping its promise.


  • “They were an elite women’s unit of the Afghan military. Now they’re fighting to stay in the U.S.” Frontera’s Desk 11/02/22
  • “Moral obligation and our Afghan allies: A military mom’s perspective” The Hill 9/25/22
  • “Maine military veterans press Congress to let newly arrived Afghan allies stay in U.S.” WMTW 09/23/22
  • “Veterans are left with the burden of saving our Afghan allies.” Bangor Daily News 9/13/22

Afghan Adjustment Act – Action Hour

Friday, November 18

12:00 Noon


Let’s urge Senators to provide stability for Afghans and help veterans keep their promises.

Join UUSJ’s Immigration Action Team, to make calls to Senators.

We will gather to call Senators and remind them they need to do this work. We can not depend on the incoming class of the 118th Congress to bring home pending work for Afghans and Veterans, so Senators in the 117th Congress need to finish this task during the lame-duck session, if possible. The current class needs to act before the new crop of “Immigrant Invasion” proponents assert their worldview.

With the future and destiny of the U.S. at stake in the 118th, this adjustment is needed now. We can’t count on the next Congress.

Becky Harper

Common Cause, NC