Join Us Online Friday: Souls to the Polls Kickoff!

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Dear Institute friend,

Three more days.

That’s all there is until Souls to the Polls begins in New Jersey!

This year for the first time, New Jerseyans can participate in the longstanding tradition of heading to the polls with fellow congregants after worship.

This is only possible because we finally have early in-person voting (from October 23 to October 31), including two weekends: October 23/24 and October 30/31.

At our virtual kickoff event on Friday October 22 at 1:00 PM, we’ll tell you all about early voting, hear from three pastors who will be hosting Souls to the Polls events over the coming two weekends, and talk about how houses of worship can get involved.

Join us and get inspired!

Our webpage includes a regularly updated list of Souls to the Polls events.

Speaking of expanding our democracy, don’t forget that it’s redistricting season! Remember, redistricting is about power! It’s critical that we – the public – provide input about our communities – who they are and what they need – to the redistricting commissions. You are the expert on your community and what happens to it! Raising your voice is the best way to ensure that the new district maps are drawn fairly and our power is optimized, not diluted, as too often happens in Black and other communities of color.

Join us to learn how to raise your voice and keep your community together at commission meetings.

Finally, the congressional redistricting commission will hear from the public for the first time this Saturday, October 23 at 10:00 AM, about redrawing New Jersey’s congressional districts.

You can sign up to speak here. Once there, scroll down to the legislative calendar and select October 23. Next, click on the New Jersey Redistricting Commission link under Legislative Schedule. On the following page, click on the Registration Form. Finally, complete the registration form.

Learn more about redistricting and how to get involved.

Thank you, as always, for standing with us.

Aaron Greene

Associate Counsel, New Jersey Institute for Social Justice