Invest in women: Accelerate Progress

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Today, on International Women’s Day, we acknowledge the immense amount of work that women’s organizations are leading to protect their communities and build an equitable world. In times of crisis, women are especially at risk. However, increased funding does not automatically follow.

As UN Women reports, one of the key challenges to meeting the needs of their communities is an “alarming lack of funding.” In fact, the vast majority of humanitarian and development aid does not directly reach women’s rights organizations.

In honor of International Women’s Day, consider making a special gift to UUSC to help fund our women-led partners around the globe making big strides toward a more equitable world.

In contrast, UUSC’s approach prioritizes funding women-led, grassroots organizations that are working for sustainable change. Rooted in the communities they serve, women leaders are in the best position to respond to day-to-day needs, while maintaining a long-term vision for a better future.

Here are a few examples where UUSC’s flexible funding has propelled women’s rights forward:

  • In Poland, our partner Martynka developed a secure cellphone app that responds to women escaping trafficking and sexual violence as they flee war in Ukraine. After a woman contacts Martynka, they connect her to whatever services are needed — housing, health care, education, employment, immigration services, and more.
  • In times of intense turmoil for the country, Solidarite Fanm Ayisyèn is a pillar of hope in Haiti. Offering emotional support and women’s health services, they are a refuge to women and girls facing gender-based violence.
  • Equality Bahamas is a powerhouse for women’s rights in the heart of Nassau, The Bahamas. Driven by volunteers, they’re reshaping the conversation on gender equity by offering educational programs and advocating policy changes.

UUSC funds grassroots women’s groups like these in 26 countries around the world because we know where women’s rights are advanced, whole communities thrive.

In solidarity,

Cassandra Ryan

Vice President, Development, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee