Harvest Season — Food and Water Justice

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Thursday, October 13

8:00 PM

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Climate change threatens food and drinking water supplies. What’s the Unitarian Universalist message during the harvest season? In the American South, congregations are feeding the hungry, working for fair trade economics, and helping to create an ethical and a sustainable food economy during a time of crisis. Information about Florida’s response to Hurricane Ian will be included in this webinar. It’s information that’s needed in congregations and in communities in every region.


  • Bob Murphy is a member of the UUJEC board of directors. He’s a climate change minister for the Unitarian Universalists, a mutual aid advocate, and an emergency services worker in Florida. Bob is the minister who helped to establish the Green Sanctuary program. He’ll report on the recent response to Hurricane Ian.
  • Jim Scott is one of the senior advocates for eco-justice. He wrote the “Missa Gaia/Earth Mass” with the Winter Consort. Jim has visited over 700 Unitarian Universalist churches, he helped to create the Green Sanctuary program, and compiled/arranged the “Earth & Spirit Songbook.” Friend and mentor Pete Seeger called Jim “Some kind of a magician.” Jim has received an NEA grant through the Worcester Arts Council in Massachusetts to develop and produce his multimedia concert, “the Year to Save the Earth.”

Sukkot Celebration: How can congregations celebrate the harvest season during an era of climate change? There are many possibilities. Members of the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Odessa, Florida, will report on the congregation’s Sukkot celebration. This Jewish holiday is an example of a harvest festival for Unitarian Universalists.

Animal Ministry: The Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry empowers congregations as they seek justice and compassion for all beings. Rebecca Allen in Texas will speak about veganism and vegetarianism and the mission of the UU Animal Ministry. Here are sample vegan desserts Rebecca helped serve.

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