Give to Support #StopLine3 Arrestees NOW!

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Nearly 200 Unitarian Universalists joined the Treaty People Faith Delegation, participating in shared prayer, training, and direct action. Our UU group included staff of Side With Love and the Unitarian Universalist Association, UU Ministry for Earth, the UU Service Committee, several UU State Action Networks, as well as UU clergy, seminarians, and lay people from across the US. Several UUs were among those who put their bodies on the line and were among the approximately 300 Water Protectors arrested in the course of the actions. As of 5:00 PM CDT on Tuesday, seven UU clergy and lay people are still in jail facing gross misdemeanor charges of Trespass on the Property of a Pipeline, which carries with it a fine of $3,000 and/or a year in prison.

The hypocrisy of the government arresting and prosecuting Water Protectors — including many Indigenous people — for “trespass” on stolen native land is staggering. As the organizers of the Treaty People gathering put it, “Treaty education and protection are not the sole duty of native people. We are all treaty people. Non-native people are living on stolen land and continue to benefit from treaties while not honoring them. It is the responsibility of non-native people to know and respect the obligations included in federal and state treaties. Treaties protect all of us.”

The struggle to protect the sacred waters of Minnesota and stop the construction of the Enbridge pipeline are a part of a long arc of resistance to colonialism, restoration of native sovereignty, and repair of the earth. As Unitarian Universalists, our participation in earth and climate justice movements are deeply rooted in our deep understanding of the interconnected web of all existence, of which we are a part and for which we are responsible. The fight to #StopLine3 is our fight, and we must act together now.

With approximately 300 arrestees being cited and/or jailed, the legal support team will need to raise nearly $900,000 to pay the fines associated with these charges; we believe that UUs can quickly raise at least $100,000 toward this total. By making sure that all of the arrestees have their fines paid, we can send a strong, clear message that no matter how much the government and oil companies want to quash our resistance, we will continue to fight until the pipeline is stopped.

Here’s how to take action today:

  1. Make your donation to the Treaty People Gathering fund, which will be used to pay off the fines incurred by arrestees as a result of the #StopLine3 direct actions.
  2. Fill out this form to help us track Unitarian Universalist contributions toward our goal of collectively donating $100k to the fund.

There will be more ways to take action and ramp up pressure on President Biden and MN Governor Tim Walz in the coming days, but for now, our money will ensure the movement continues to grow and thrive.

Fundamentally, we are all interconnected. This struggle is all of ours, and our faith compels us to show up to ensure the future of our sacred earth and of our children’s children’s children. Please, give as generously as you are able.

In faith and solidarity,

Rev. Ashley Horan

UUA Organizing Strategy Director, Side With Love’s Organizing Strategy Team