Building towards 2022

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We all worked really hard together through UU the Vote to push back on white supremacy, extractive capitalism, and rising fascism. Broad coalitions of social movements came together and we UUs joined in the work to #VoteLove and #DefeatHate. We knew that we were faithfully fighting to create the best organizing terrain possible to get justice for our communities. And we did it.

That’s why we are launching the Side with Love Action Center on Sunday, September 12. We saw the collective power we built and the impact we had when UUs came together across the country with national and community coalitions and partners. Remember, we reached over 3 million voters, talking to them about all these issues and getting out the vote. Now we need to keep reaching out to our communities and we need Congress to hear from us this month. RSVP to join us.

It’s a complex time we’re in. There are so many crises, climate emergencies, attacks on people’s rights, and violence against our communities. This is how systemic oppression functions and how it both intensifies and unravels as power is challenged and change becomes possible. The repression is a response to the rising resistance of indigenous-led coalitions stopping pipelines, black and brown-led movements against police violence and for restorative justice and abolition, migrant-led campaigns to shut down detention centers, and women and LGBTQ+ folx working for equality, reproductive justice, and transgender rights. We are making progress. Frederick Douglass told us, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress” and “power concedes nothing without a demand.”

The threats and the challenges are real and the system is resilient…but so are we. This is why we need YOU to help us launch the Side With Love Action Center: a place for folks to come together across differences, issues, and geography to end oppression and build democratic, sustainable, and thriving communities focused on four key issues: climate Justice; decriminalization; democracy & voting rights; and LGBTQ+ and gender justice.

The Side with Love Action Center will mobilize UUs, our congregations and organizations in partnership with broader movements at the local, state and national level. We will share strategic actions that will help push our progress forward. Right now that’s on Congress and why we are launching the day before the Senate returns from recess. We will be hearing from UU and partner group organizers about some of the key fault line struggles happening now or coming soon.

Where will we be in 2022? We need to build power now to win today’s battles and carry that work forward into the critical midterm elections. Throughout this year we will be mobilizing at critical junctures and bringing pressure to bear in pivotal states that are frontlines of this repression and organizing against it — like Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Florida and elsewhere — where a win can change the dynamics. We will organize people to take actions on legislatures, on corporations, on courts, joining key organizing campaigns, building mutual aid and sanctuary networks, and getting out the vote, building our networks and our power.

This is how we live out our faith commitments. And we need our faith to sustain us in this effort. Our Side with Love Action Center will provide nurture for our spirits, feature music, art and poetry for our souls, and opportunities to learn together and skill up as we build the fire of commitment, experience the warmth of community, and take action for justice together.

You can take your first action in the new Side with Love Action Center today by registering here and sharing this invitation with people in your congregation, organization, and community.

Our faith calls us to act in solidarity, understanding that “None of us are free until all of us are free.” Our lives and future are bound together, and together is how we move toward creating a just and loving world.

In love and solidarity,


PS: We know that our launch time conflicts with some worship services so we are recording the event. RSVP here to receive the video and share it with your fellow justice seekers.