10 Days to Pass the For the People Act

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Passage of this bill includes key issues that voter rights organizers and Unitarian Universalists have been fighting for for years. This bill will:

  • expand and protect voting rights for all,
  • end partisan and racial gerrymandering,
  • get dark money out of politics, and
  • restore transparency and accountability in our government.

Right now, we are in a battle for democratic governance. As Unitarian Universalists, our 5th Principle guides us to rigorously strive towards democratic systems, understanding that together is the only way we create a society for everyone. Historically, the filibuster has been an obstacle to collective governance and to progressive legislation. Tell your Senators to show up for the people and against the filibuster to build a multiracial democracy.

Last year, you joined UU the Vote in reaching out to over 3 million voters, to get out the vote and combat voter suppression. Together we contributed to the largest voter turnout in U.S. history. Now we need to make sure that our systems build on that work.

Please use this link from UUSJ to call and write your senators and ask them to support the bill and not let the filibuster rules prevent it from passing.

In faith and solidarity,

(Pablo) Pavel DeJesús, Exec. Director of Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice (UUSJ)

Nicole Pressley, Field and Programs Director, Side With Love Organizing Strategy Team