UUCP Governing Body

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The Board of Trustees is the governing body for the UUCP. They meet the second Tues. of every month at 7 p.m. Board meetings are open to all, however, due to concerns of privacy, during executive sessions, if sensitive topics are discussed, guests may be asked to leave. Contact Us or any member of the board if interested.

The agenda for upcoming meetings and minutes of past are posted in the Members section of this website.


UUCP Board of Trustees

Co-Presidents- Arlene Holpp-Scala and Deborah Pires

Arlene Holpp-Scala

Arlene Holpp Scala has been a member of UUCP since 2005. She was formerly a Board Trustee, Chair of the Program Team, a member of the Growth Team, and she is the Shop Rite card “Lady “ who sells Shop Rite gift cards for the congregation.

Arlene is a Professor and Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at William Paterson University. She earned her doctorate at Columbia University. She teaches many Women’s and Gender Studies courses including “Sex Equity in Education”; “Women, Sport and Culture;” “Contemporary Feminist Issues”; “Capstone,” the senior Feminar; “Lesbian Issues”; and “Racism and Sexism in the U.S.” and she is currently conducting interviews for a book on the Butch/Femme Society of New York City, 1989-Present.

She has lived Englewood since 1997 with her Civil Union partner Donna Ezrol and numerous cats. Arlene and Donna have six adult children and two beautiful grandchildren, Emily Rose and Juliana.


Deborah Pires

Associate Professor of English as a Second Language, Union County College, 36 yearsWriter, actress, singer, painter, mother, grandmother

M.A. NYU; B.A. Queens College of CUNY

Joined UUCP 1998.

Previously: Member P-Team, 10 years, chair, 4 years; Board of Trustees, trustee; chair, COM; member, choir; member, R.E. team; member, Membership; member, Justice Team; member, ad hoc committee to develop Small Group Ministries; member, Small Group Ministry, 4 years. Entertainment coordinator for several canvas dinners. Attended G.A. Boston; Metro District; ARC meetings; District meetings at Shelter Rock.


Vice Chair – Ron Hilliard

Ronald Hilliard B.S. Trenton State College, M.S. University of Illinois

Married 48 years to Vera Hilliard

Sons Brian (40 yrs. Marketing Consultant) and Aaron (34yrs Fire Fighter Hackensack).

Employed in corporate positions for over 20 years as a Marketing Executive. Major corporate affiliations were: Johnson & Johnson; Playtex; and Proctor & Gamble. Responsibilities included management of nationally advertised such as Johnsons Baby Power, Johnsons Baby Shampoo, Playtex Living Bra, and Vicks Cough and Cold products.

Community and social activities included: establishment of a Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Company( the first in the nation); Board of Directors Urban League (New Brunswick NJ and Stamford CT); Board of Social Services (Greenwich CT); local Gubernatorial Campaign Manager( Greenwich CT); and leadership of several youth oriented sports and service organizations.

Secretary – Sydelle Postman

Sydelle has been a member of UUCP for more than fifteen years. While her initial goal was to find a meaningful spiritual experience for her family, she has remained a member because she has found a community of caring, committed and exceptional people. She has served on the Committee on Ministry, the Religious Education Team, and the Finance and Fundraising Team.

Sydelle was raised in an extended, working class family of mostly secular Jews in the Western Queens neighborhood of Astoria, which, at that time was composed of Jews, Italians, Germans, Greeks and Eastern Europeans, many of whom were first generation immigrants. Through her relationships with several older cousins she was introduced to the world outside their neighborhood. She began to explore and experience the greatness of New York City. Through her cousins she also became more aware of the inequities of our society and travelled with them, by bus, to the now famous March on Washington in August 1963. In college and beyond she devoted time to progressive political causes and women’s rights.

For the past thirty years Sydelle has worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at several agencies serving people who are blind or visually impaired. Many of her clients have, themselves, faced immense injustice in their lives and she has learned a great deal from them about determination, patience and advocating for ones’ rights.

She is now seriously contemplating retiring from her current position and has begun to plan this next phase of her life. She is looking forward to travelling more (her favorite travelling companion right now is her 24 year old daughter, Hannah). She also wants to continue learning and taking classes (dance, drumming, maybe even cooking) and determining new ways in which she can be of service to her community and the larger world.


Treasurer – Jonathan King

Jon King was born in New York City and raised in Rye, New York. After high school, Jon entered the Air Force as a weather observer. During these years he also became a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Jon holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Akron, and an MBA from NYU. For 20 years, he has served in various computer systems and operations management positions as a VP with JPMorgan Chase. After leaving the corporate world Jon ran a small sign manufacturing company in Hackensack for several years. Jon then served as the marketing executive for a small computer software company. More recently Jon started his own computer consulting company, and also works as an adjunct consultant for the UU District of Metro NY. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Jon has maintained an interest in human consciousness and spiritual growth and has attended many courses and experiential workshops over the last 20 years, as both a participant, and small group facilitator. Since joining UUCP about 12 years ago, Jon has served as Chair of the Program Team, as President of the Board of Trustees, a Board Trustee, and as Treasurer and Chair of the Committee on Ministry (COM). Jon lives in Englewood with his wife, Kathleen Mullally, and their son, Ben.


Trustee – Karen Shannon

Karen became a member of UUCP 10 years ago, and has since served on membership, RE, and COM.  She was raised Episcopalian at West Point, where the religious instructors were idolized cadets in uniform.  Once away from home, however, doubt and questioning led her away from formalized religion, and eventually to Unitarian Universalism.  Her son is a chef in Portland, Oregon; her daughter is a dance/movement therapist and mother of two teenagers. They will be joining her son-in-law, a lawyer, in Singapore – sadly half way across the world instead of half an hour away.  Karen has a BA and MA in Art History. Since retiring from teaching English as a Second Language at Montclair State University, her interests are folk dancing, drumming, gardening, travel and art.